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The  Canastota Volunteer Fire Department has been in service for over 150 years, protecting the Village of Canastota and Town of Lenox and assisting our neighboring fire departments.




Annual Elections were held on April 5, 2016.  The following members were elected to the position of:

Line Officers of the Canastota Fire Department

Fire Chief                 Lyle Chafee

1st Asst. Chief         Frank McFall Jr.

2nd Asst. Chief        Greg Hanley

Captains                  Matt Freund, James Sullivan

Lieutenants              Mike Barker, Anthony Palamara, David Coates, Joseph Schenk


Officers of the Canastota Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.

Company President                  Doug Chandler

Company Vice President          Vacant

Company Secretary                  Richard Stagnitti

Company Treasurer                  Michael Dwyer

Board of Directors:    Doug Chandler (Company President), Richard Stagnitti (Company Secretary), Michael Dwyer (Company Treasurer), David Coates, Chris Hannan, Markus Labarbera,

We thank Past Chief John Massarotti for his many years of dedication and service.   




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Mission Statement

The mission of the Canastota volunteer fire Company Inc. is to protect the lives and property of the citizens through emergency response, education and prevention. This shall be accomplished by a strong relationship between the, Canastota volunteer Fire Co. Inc., the community and local governments.

The officers and members of the Canastota Volunteer Fire Co. Inc. shall stay current with all the new changes in education, information, procedures and technologies that will enable us to handle emergency situations most effectively.

The company shall retain a good working relationship with fire departments of neighboring communities, allowing reciprocating assistance in the form of equipment resources and mutual aid coverage in times of need.



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Lyle Chafee - Frank McFall Jr - Greg Hanley


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